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Jun 1, 2020

Today, I have a talk with my good friend Chevaughn about his industry trod…so far. This is episode 16, Mike’s Moment Of… The Journey: A Conversation with #urfavouritesinger  

Chevaughn makes a smooth, rich, limitless and Xoul-FULL sound. He is a singer's singer, whose quality sound is unmatched by his peers. His ability to captivate with the magical tones and the rich timbre of his voice is only matched by his own powerful vocal stylings. 

As a singer-songwriter Chevaughn's voice and lyrical prowess resonates with a kind of ageless excellence that harks back to the great crooners of yesteryear. AND yet, the driving force and power in his music is a present day vibration that resonates and represents a whole new generation of people who hunger for a sound and style that is both beautiful and electric at the same time. The discovery of his Jamaican ExotiXoul style is the game-changing electricity of our times. 

Chevaughn's ExotiXoul sound is more than just electrifying. His voice is characterized by a uniquely velvet-smooth tenor with a rich gospel fervor. This, coupled with his charisma and creativity makes him magnetic both onstage and offstage. His vocal presence magnetises listeners and his physical presence pulls audiences in. 

Chevaughn's musical reach stretches across the globe being featured on a myriad of tracks as well as through his affiliation with eclectic roots band C Sharp as their lead singer. He is also known for creating the hook on the 2009 chart topping breakout song 'Holiday' with Ding Dong.

In January 2014, Chevaughn relaunched his solo career, this time working very closely with Frankie Music and Notis Records to produce his debut EP Hopeless Romantic released on March 4, 2014, and distributed by Zojak Worldwide. With more time spent honing his craft, he has delivered Xoul-FULL revolutionary and love songs that ignite and excite. His fans the world over know him by his inimitable voice. In The Bahamas his ‘Know Your Friends', is a hit. His online series Me & You Mondays is also a hit and gives access to his growing fan base. 

'So Many Rivers' produced by Notis, 'You Lose' by Reggae Vibes Music, 'Memories' and 'So Let It Be' by Frankie Music, are fan-favourite power singles. AND nothing energizes a crowd like 'Quintillionaire' which has been adopted as an anthem to countless fans, foreshadowing many great things to come. The transparency and the vulnerability that Chevaughn embraces to tell his story and share his truth is felt on stage. This evolution of the revolution that is ExotiXoul, is a journey that fans will enjoy being immersed in. 

Stay close to his social media networks to keep up. Connect with #urfavouritesinger on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using @chevaughnmusic, on Soundcloud as Chevaughn-Music and watch his weekly performances for Me & You Mondays on his YouTube channel - Chevaughn.

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