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Jun 22, 2020

Join me in a sweet conversation with my good friends Michael Holgate and Tami Chin Mitchell. We dissect the story of Mirren and of course, go on some interesting tangents …and we laugh- a lot! This is EP 19 of #MikesMomentOf #ashe #LPTPC @aelsean @mwaholgate @tamichinmitchell

I’ve known Tami Chin Mitchell since we were kids performing on stage with Little People and Teen Players Club. I think Michael Holgate was actually her ‘Big Brother’ in the club and I was Tessanne’s. 

Tami is an inspiration to many and certainly to Holgate and to me. Theatre and Dance performer to Dancehall Artist…then Pop Artist …Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Successful Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Youtuber ….she calls it a Multi-potentialite. I Guess the three of us are. 


Michael Holgate is a Writer (Books, Musicals and more), Choreographer, Director (Theatre and Film), Intellectual and Academic, he even paints forms own pleasure. I’ve known him since the first year of high school. Together we have written over 50 inspirational songs under the name Joy Mechanics and we are also Co-Directors for the Gungo Walk World-Alternative Music and Arts Festival.


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