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Jun 15, 2020

For EP 018 of #MikesMomentOf I catch up with a great friend from Berklee College, Studio Engineer Marc Lacuesta. He shares some Nashville stories and a bit about his new post at Interlochen Arts Academy. @interlochenarts @puppytn @aelsean @berkleealumni


Marc Lacuesta is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's degree in Music Production and Engineering and Vocal Performance, as well as a graduate of Kenyon College with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. He has worked in professional commercial music as an audio engineer and producer for over 20 years and been a guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities.  He has taught voice lessons, studio maintenance classes, and ESL classes for 5+ years. Marc also created and managed an intern program and curriculum that Quad Studios Nashville implemented until the recording studio closed in 2012.


Over the last two decades, Marc has been involved with a large number of commercially released recordings. No recording project is ever exactly the same: Due to changes in personnel, equipment, or even something as minute as a change in the studio temperature, each project develops their own unique organizational, operational and logistical puzzles, and in each of these cases, Marc finds a workaround to the problem. Marc believes that dealing with these constant and varied challenges from session to session has sharpened his problem-solving skills.

As a person of Filipino heritage in a field where the overwhelming majority is composed of Caucasian males, Marc believes his journey can serve as inspiration to young minorities who wish to navigate a career in this field.

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