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Oct 26, 2020

This is my ’Not Halloween” episode …filled with more creepy Stories, Myths ands Superstitions from the Jamaican culture and folklore. Ep 37 #MikesMomentOf

Bob Marley- Mr Brown

Andrea True Connection- White Witch

Lewin Collection CD19 #4. Baba Rowe Cawley, Accompong, St. Elizabeth, Feb, 1969.

Anancy washa way pupu a yenken boy
Yu a yenken boy oh, clay ma adeayah
Clay ma edea aay ay, ay ay ayay oh say oh ah yaah
Anancy mash way, anancy mash way pupu a yenken boy,
Yu a yenken boy oh, clay ma eday ay, aay ay ay oh say oh ah ah

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