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Nov 2, 2020

This week, Hazel returns to talk about the Maroons. Two episodes to go for this season. This is Ep 38 of #MikesMomentOf


Lewin Collection CD65 #4. Moore Town, Portland.  April 15, 1974.  Maroon Day Celebration


Col.  Kiser come oh we all a Maroon ay

Col.  Kiser come oh we all a Maroon ay

Today a Maroon day …………………….

Ay ay aday, oh day ay ay ay

Col Kiser come oh we all a Maroon ay

When we dash a leg, we we benta war oh

We wi benta war oh we wi benta aya

We we benta war we wi benta ay

We wi benta war when we dash a leg



GUMBEY –  Lacovia, St. Elizabeth  

Lewin Collection CD35C #3 & #4.

“Oh poor Willhel oh”


Drumming and singing - Song – Poor Whilel –– Lacovia, St. Elizabeth  - Gumbey



Folkbeats & Blipspeak Single: “All Forgiven”




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