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Nov 16, 2020

We’ve reached EP 40!! My final episode in the season of #MikesMomentOf 🎉 This episode we do some Light Unpacking of a workshop run by Daphnie and Karl called We Are The Canon!
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Daphnie Sicre

Daphnie is currently researching the Afro-Latinx experience in theatre, which analyzes the discourse of race in performance-with particular interest in Latinx and Black Theatre. The focal point of her dissertation was the Afro-Latinx experience within the play Platanos & Collard Greens. She also focuses on Theatre for Social Change perspectives especially for Latinx Theatre, Latin American Theatre, Black Theatre, & Theatre of the Oppressed. Plus theories and practices of Hip Hop Theatre and Applied Theatre.

Karl O’Brian Williams

Karl O’Brian Williams is a Jamaican-born actor, playwright, producer, and educator. His acting career has taken him from stages in the Caribbean to those in New York, Toronto, and the United Kingdom. In 2019 he was co-writer on the short film “Winston,” which received the following film festival selections: the Hip Hop Film Festival, Bronzelens, Circle City Film Festival, Queen City Film Festival, the Pan African Film Festival & the African-American Film Festival – the screenplay was adapted from Williams’ Monologue “The Kept Man.”

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