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Jun 29, 2020

There’s nothing like folklore and superstition as a true cultural snapshot. For episode 20  of #MikesMomentOf my special guest is Journalist and Cultural Icon, Fae Ellington @fae.ellington .This was truly a blast and I’m sure there will be a sequel. #Jamaica #Myths #Superstitions #Folklore #Proverbs

Fae A. Ellington (Ms.) CD; MA. 

Born in the 50s; shaped by the 60s; fired and glazed throughout the 70s. With that background the ensuing decades took care of themselves. 

She’s a patriot and passionate about Jamaica. Fae Ellington’s career in Broadcast Media and Journalism started in 1974, that was three years after she established herself as an actress. Since 1971 she has put her stamp of excellence and professionalism, and demonstrated her versatility through her work in theatre, media and culture. As a sought-after orator and master of ceremonies at home and abroad, she has established herself as a household name in Jamaica and the diaspora for over four decades. 

Fae is a communication consultant, trainer and speaking coach for companies, groups and individuals in the public and private sectors. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She has taught in the Journalism programme at the Caribbean School of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) from 1985 until retirement in 2018 (33 years). After retiring at the end of July 2018 she continues at CARIMAC as adjunct senior lecturer. 

She is a British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC) certified trainer. Miss Ellington has been a director of several boards over the past 25 years. At present she serves on the following boards and entities: 

• National Integrity Action (NIA) Chairman (May 28, 2020)

• St. Hugh’s High School 


• Member of the Access to Information Appeal Tribunal (in the second 5-year term)

• Patron of the Clarendon 4 H Clubs 


Profile – Fae assumed the role of host and producer of the Television Jamaica programme on April 1, 2018 

Awards and Honours 

  • • Bronze Musgrave Medal 
  • • St. Hugh’s High School Distinguished Past Student 
  • • National Honour – Officer of the Order of Distinction, Commander Class (CD)
  • • Outstanding Contribution to Media and Communication Award 2019 - University of the West Indies Institute for Gender and Development Studies
  • • Culture Icon - Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Jamaica Day 2020 
  • • Award-winning actor and journalist

IG: @fae.ellington

Twitter: @FaeEllington

Facebook: @FaeAEllington