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Apr 27, 2020

This pandemic’s got us feeling anxious. Can improvisation guide us into mindfulness? I’m discussing this with my friend Neila Ebanks on Episode 11 of Mike’s Moment Of… Improv as Mindfulness. 


 Acting Director of Studies of the School of Dance, Neila-Ann Ebanks, holds a Master of Arts in Physical Theatre from Royal Holloway University of London and the University of Surrey[UK], a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of the West Indies, [JM] and a Certificate in Dance Theatre and Production from the EMCVPA, School of Dance. Ebanks was, until 2018, Chief Examiner for the CAPE Performing Arts examination and was also the first ever Dance recipient of the Commonwealth Connections Residency [CA]. Her diverse Jamaican and Caribbean connections include work with her dance project, eNKompan.E™, Continuum Dance Project [TT], The Stella Maris Young Adult Dance Ensemble, The University Dance Society, L’ACADCO United Caribbean Dance Force, Dance Theatre Xaymaca, ASHE Performing Arts Company, Movements Dance Company, The Company Dance Theatre and the NDTC of Jamaica. Internationally, she has also represented Jamaica in the Bienal de Danza del Caribe [CU], the Caribbean Educative Arts Festival (BB), Tobago Contemporary Dance Festival [TT], Skjoldungefestival [DK], COCO Dance Festival [TT], CARIFESTA XIII [BB], OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival [IE] and WILD Conference [UK].

IG: @enkompan.e