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Aug 31, 2020

We happened to be in the same country at the same time. For episode 29 of #MikesMomentOf - you get to hear a typical convo with Karl @kobw , Shawna @shawnakaeburns and me.

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Folkbeats & Blipspeak Single: “All Forgiven”


Aug 24, 2020

David Reid has been an integral part of Jamaica’s musical landscape from before independence. He actually sang the demo of the anthem submission that became the successful entry and the National Anthem we sing today. Listen to that recording, plus an alternate version of the anthem on this, episode 28,...

Aug 17, 2020

A quick check-in with what’s been …and what’s to come. Please check the show notes and click away…lol

#MikesMomentOf EP 27


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Aug 10, 2020

For Ep 26 of #MikesMomentOf I chat with Alvin Campbell as he shares a few little known facts about the Jamaican Music industry.

Alvin Campbell is a prolific songwriter, scriptwriter and the Administrative Manager for the band Fab 5 (Lead by his brother Frankie)

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Aug 3, 2020

August 1 is Emancipation day in Jamaican and some other Caribbean countries. This, EP 25 of #MikesMomentOf explores mental, emotional, cultural emancipation through exploration of the boxes in which we operate. Neila is back with me and we hear from Mijanne, Michael, Shawna and Coleen. 


Coleen Douglas is the Director...